Basic instructions for installing the "BMW Muffler Repair Kit" PN 95 00 9 000 390

The repair kit consists of a mount, which is a cadmium plated steel sleeve, new mounting bolts and standoff spacers.

The sleeve is installed in much the same fashion as a "Molly Bolt(tm)" in that it is placed into a hole in the muffler and then "pulled up" against the muffler body. This causes the shank of the mount to expand and lock into place.

The instructions below illustrate this (yes, the photography leaves a lot to be desired) using a piece of sheet metal scrap for most of the steps.

  1. Remove any remaining parts of the original mounting hardware.
  2. Drill a hole in the center of the location of the OE mount. 3/8" diameter seems to be about right.
  3. Insert the body of the muffler mount into the hole.
  4. Acquire and prepare an installation tool of some sort. My dealer had one, which he claimed cost him ~$120US and which he refused to lend me (he claimed that customers had broken them in the past). Not really ready to shell out a C-note+ for something I'd only use once, I made my own from a bolt, a nut and a couple of washers:-}
  5. Holding the bolt in place and turning the nut will pull the body of the insert up against the shell of the muffler. It will swell, as shown, and lock itself into place.
  6. Repeat for all other locations (I only did the ones where the OE mounts had cracked) and re-install the heat shield, using the provided bolts, standoff spacers and wave washers. A dab of LocTite(tm) on the bolts won't hurt, either.


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