How to Re-Key your Integral Saddlebag Locks

Let's say that you got a set of second-hand saddlebags. Or perhaps you've updated the bags on your older K-bike, replacing the old latches (with that wretched flat key) with the new-style locks. Or you bought the bike used and it came with different keys for the igntion and the saddlebags. Either way, you want to re-key them to all be the same.

It's a really simple operation, except that you have to do the tough part of it blind. First, unlatch the lock and put in the key that came with it. Using a dental tool or bent paper clip, depress the end retainer tang that holds the lock cylinder into the plastic latch housing. It's a blind operation, so you just have to feel around until you hit the top of the tang. (The first one you do is definitely going to be the toughest.)

As you depress the tang, pull the lock cylinder out. If it starts to move and then hangs up, you've probably got your tool inserted into the slot in the lock cylinder along with the retaining tang, so gently wiggle the tool free while maintainng outward pressure on the cylinder. The lock cylinder will then slide right out. Once you've removed it, there are only 5 more to go!

Whatever you do, DON'T take the key out of the lock! First, wrap some tape around it (unless of course, you like chasing all over the place for the pins which will come flying out when you remove the key).

There are two ways of dealing with how to re-key the lock to fit your needs.

Once you've done that, re-installation is simple: just push it into the lock housing - with the key inserted - until it clicks.

Hand model: Paul Gavin.


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